So this advert has been shown a lot on TV recently, and I thought three things whilst watching it. 

1. This is a good advert. 

2. This is an awesome song - who’s it by?

and 3. I definitely recognise it from a film or something…

The internet is such a useful thing - its by The Heavy, and according to Wikipedia, has been featured in many TV programmes and films: 

"How You Like Me Now?" is featured in several television series episodes: the sixth season finale of Entourage; the fourth episode of Community; the third episode of Rookie Blue; and the second season summer finale of White Collar. The song is featured throughout the 2010 feature film The Fighter. It is also featured on the soundtrack of the baseball video game MLB The Show 10. It was featured in the 2011 film Horrible Bosses as well as the trailer for The Change-Up. It was also featured in the alternate ending for the film Limitless. The song is also played on the soundtrack of the film This Means War.”

Oh internet. You’re so helpful. 

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