Tengo esa estupida cancion “ai se eu te pego” dentro de mi cabeza y no la puedo sacar..



Ni entiendo q carajo esta diciendo..

Y q raro q es numero 1 en el billboard latino Y NI ES LATINO.

ES PORTUGUES. o son la misma cosa??

I have that stupid song “ai eu hit you in my head and I can not get ..

Neither do I understand this saying .. fuck q

And q q is odd number 1 on the Billboard Latin AND NEITHER IS LATINO.

IS PORTUGUESE. or are the same thing?”

Google Translate did not help.

Ha, lemme help.

"I have that stupid song ‘ai se eu te pego’ in my head and I can’t get it out."

"I don’t understand what the hell it’s saying (I think).

And it’s so weird that it is number 1 on the Latin Billboard yet it’s not latino! IT’S PORTUGUESE! Or are they the same thing?”

'q' is an abbreviation of 'que' :)

Fun fact - there’s an english version of the song (though it’s not as good): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFfFSMAA2dA